• Search our site using keywords. You can use either simple or advanced keyword search techniques.
  • For your reference, an example keyword list can be found by following this link.

Search Results

  • On the search results page you can select any images which may be of interest you. These will be tagged and collected in your lightbox.
  • To refine your search, conduct another simple search by selecting "search within results".

The Lightbox (Reviewing your picture selections)

  • Your Lightbox will display the images you have selected. Here you can review your selections and remove any pictures you may no longer require by selecting the "refresh lightbox" button.
  • Once you are happy with your selection, you can "Request a Quote".

Request Quote

  • Here we ask for the critical information we will need to provide you with a quote. Once your request is submitted we will reply with a quote, generally within one working day.
  • Sometimes approval may take longer, particularly where images of people are involved as we usually check with our talent that to ensure they are happy with the intended use of their image.
  • When you receive your quote, you will be advised as to how to proceed with the purchase of a license to use the pictures.

Viewing enlargements and general picture information

  • Click on a thumbnail to view a larger version of the picture and general licensing information.
  • This is possible on both the Search Results and Your Lightbox pages.

Downloading low resolution previews

  • You can download any images for preview purposes.
  • To download: right click on the image and select "save picture as". This will save the file to you local hard disk drive.


  • All images are fully prepared and delivered in digital form. takes care with the scanning and quality of our images, but please check all images yourself before printing. In purchasing a license to use these images you are bound by the Terms & Conditions.


  • You will be advised of payment options when we send your quote.

An important note on licenses

  • We offer an exclusive selection of rights controlled images. As such, some photos may not be available for use in all territories. In the unlikely event that a picture is unavailable for your territory or business area, we will advise you as soon as possible.



Simple Search

  • Enter a word or part of a words. Your entry will be used to query the keywords and notes associated with the image.
  • Entries are not case sensitive.
  • There are no wildcards or other formatting possibilities.
  • Everything you enter is taken exactly as typed.
  • The search is performed as a full text search, i.e. searching for the term "berry" will also find the words "strawberry" and "blueberry".

New Search
Search within results
  Search tips: Simple searches will search all words or parts of words in the database.
  • The image above will be displayed on all search results screen. This search window offers a simple way to drill down your search results, or to start a new search.
  • If you find too many images when you search on "cotton" for example, you can enter the keyword "people" in the search box, select "search within results" and our database will show you all cotton pictures which also contain people.
  • To start a new search select the "new search" option.

Advanced search

  • You can select one to three terms simultaneously to search the database. The following options are available:
  • "Keyword is" searches on an exact match.
  • "Keyword contains" This will execute a full text search, i.e. searching for the term "berry" will also find all words containing berry like "strawberry" and "blueberry".
  • "Keyword is not" will ignore all images that contain exactly that keyword.
  • "Keyword does not contain" will ignore all images that contain the keyword, or part thereof. Entering "berry" here will ignore all words containing berry, like strawberry and blueberry.

You can then combine these with the following boolean options:

  • "and" when you want to search for records containing both selected words.
  • "or" when you want to search for records containing either selected word.


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